For this shooting our goal was set: we were after a cool picture of a diver emerging from water and wearing the action camera that was our subject. A quick on-line location scouting helped in selectiong a nice spot on Garda Lake where mountains could compose a good looking background for our portrait. Although the air temperature was surprisingly warm for the season, the water temperature was pretty low so drysuits were the only option for walk around a semi-submerged set.
As for the lighting I wanted nice ambient light as key and went for a side filler accent using a Pancake Chimera lantern from up high. Giovanni pulled the trigger from the shore for a few test shots so we fine tuned direction and power.
I'm happy with the outcome as it matches my vision pretty accurately. 
Shooting set up. Garda Lake, Italy.
Single strobe set up using Chimera Pancake lantern
Checking out lighting and camera settings. 
Fine tuning light direction...
Final Image. Diver Andrea Mescalchin.
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