Introduzione al documentario S.I.D.O. Orthodontics in 4D
Production: S.I.D.O.
Director: Dr Stefano Velo
Production Design: Andrea Mescalchin
DoP: Matteo Mescalchin
SoundCapture: GiovanniSanton
VideoEditor: Paola Balasso
Underwater filming: Andrea Mescalchin
Underwater supervisor: Aldo Ferrucci
Surface Crew member: Alessandro Zeffin
Diver Crew member: Pierluigi Longo
Music: Pietro Taucer
final image look inside the machine room
lighting for close up shots has been a bit tricky given the tight machine room 
Director getting on board for the shooting 
The tight machine room from the vertical entrance
Director Dr Stefano Velo arranging the books before the shoot
photo op with the talent
talent entering the machine room
Installing the microphone
Andrea preparing the safe
Flooding the safe..
discussing the opening shot
costume fitting
on set for the opening scene.
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